Tranquility of The Paradise Island – Sri Lanka

Tranquility of The Paradise Island – Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a tropical island part of the South Asian subcontinent (known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean from time immemorial) It lies amidst the sun-soaked waters of the Indian Ocean while nature’s beauty remains abundant and unspoiled, thus when you step out of that plane onto Sri Lankan soil you are a part of an amazing experience that you wish would last forever.

Sri Lanka as indicated by its name is ‘the Land of Splendor’ and a destination blessed with an amazing blend of spectacular landscapes, pristine beaches, enchanting cultural heritage and unique experiences compact into a bite size location. Only four-hour drive from the hot sunny beach to cold tranquil mountains, where the best tea in the world is grown, where hills and valleys shielded by a never-ending carpet of tea plantation and refreshing aroma of tea leaves.

This atom sized Island (with an area of 65, 610 square km) is surrounded by a 14ookm of sun kissed beach and it holds 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 15 wildlife sanctuaries, over 500,000 acres of lush tea estates,1200 acres of Coconut plantation, 250 acres of botanical gardens and manifestations of colorful multi-culture that extends back over 2500 years.

Massive Indian ocean offers attractions for surfing, kite surfing, undersea diving, wreck diving for Portuguese galleons to British warships of World War 2, fascination of coral reefs, lagoons and bays, interact with dolphins and photograph Blue Whales (Sri Lanka has been named the Best place in the World for seeing and photographing Blue Whales) and the ideal place to see Sperm whales and Spinner dolphins.

The Central Highlands is the home for most of the spectacular waterfalls of mischievous streams form themselves into massive rivers before they tryst with the ocean.
Adam’s Peak is located in this enchanting hill country, the only mountain in the world hallowed by the believers of the all four major faiths in Sri Lanka – Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity.

The City of “Rathnapura” meaning the “Gem City.” The place where white, orange, pink, yellow, purple and blue star sapphires are found. The legendary Blue Belle that litters on the British Crown is from this repository. And Rathnapura (Gem City) was also known to wise King Solomon who made his scouts travel to Sri Lanka in search of sapphires for Queen Sheba.

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